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Environmental Policy

Our main environmental aims are:

  • To be a socially responsible business engaged in the conservation and protection of the environment and local communities cultural heritage.

  • To conduct business in a way that minimizes negative environmental impacts and raises awareness of environmental issues among staff, customers and the local community.


  • Conserve and protect the environment in the daily course of business

  • To maintain a healthy environment for guests and employees

  • To develop an awareness and understanding of the interaction between tourism and the environment and how this interaction can be used to help conserve and protect the environment.

Environmental Strategy (Objectives)

  • To educate staff, guests and the local community about ways in which they can contribute to conserving and protecting the environment

  • Consider environmental issues in the daily course of business

  • Work in close cooperation with local government and business on environmental issues

  • Observe rules and regulations aimed at conserving and protecting the environment

  • Endeavor to use natural resources efficiently

  • Reduce negative impacts on the environment

The main environmental concerns of The Boat Landing:

Waste & Emissions

  • Reduction of solid waste such as plastic and batteries. Recycling of solid waste like glass and metal when possible. Transforming organic waste into fertilizer. Reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels. Utilize renewable sources of energy when possible. Proper disposal of waste chemicals such as motor oil. Reduce burning of waste, dry plant material and firewood. Conserve water. Use locally produced products and labor where possible.

Wild Life

  • Reduce use of pesticides and herbicides harmful to wildlife.

  • Promote wildlife protection

  • The property of the Boat Landing will be a wildlife sanctuary

  • The Boat Landing will support the local government in maintaining a fish sanctuary on the river by the Boat Landing.


WILDLIFE and natural habitats must not be needlessly disturbed.

TOURISM should be a positive influence on local communities.

TOURISM should be managed and sustainable.

TOURISM should be culturally sensitive and contribute to greater cross-cultural understanding.

THERE must be no commerce in wildlife, wildlife products or native plants.

TOURISTS should leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of nature, conservation, and the environment.

TOURISM should strengthen conservation efforts and enhance the natural integrity of places visited.

AT THE END OF THE DAY both the tourist and the local people should be better off because of their interaction.

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